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Another Soldier Won’t Come Home

The lines on this marker

tell the fate of Corporal Parker

He was young, too young to die

But these lines they never lie


Upon the grave in this sad meadow

The fallen tears of his widow

Forever stain this granite stone

Billy Parker please come home


And on the grass entwined together

two faded roses will forever

mark the dreams war took away

and the price two lovers paid


Between these lines there was a Life

A Mother, Father and a Wife

Now it’s all been sacrificed

Another soldier won’t come home


Two Wings, One Bird

     It always pains me to listen to religious or political rantings coming from either side. If the common person ever realizes that the Left Wing and the Right Wing, be it religious or political, are both part of the same bird set into the Heavens by our Creator, they might discover the terrible trick that has been played on them their whole lives.     The tragic outcome of such imaginary divisions is the lack of unity that the people need to speak in one voice, from one heart against the petty tyrants who feed on the very bias they have instilled in our hearts and minds.

     As long as these charlatans can keep us battling each other they need not worry about being unseated themselves. Indeed, the hatred and prejudice they have cultivated in us is their job security.

Shallow lines on polished stone

Shallow lines on polished stone

Each a story of its own

Each a Man, a man’s Life

Reduced to the marks of a carver’s knife

Place your ear against the stone

Hear the screams and hear the moans

Of Souls and Bodies torn apart

Suspended in that awful Dark

Now let your fingers trace these lines

Follow me back in time

Mothers, Fathers, Wives who mourn

Little Children’s lives are torn

So now you understand my grief

Share my rage, my disbelief

You’ve seen my fallen Brothers’ Pall

And traced their names upon this Wall


Man imagines into reality a world of disunion and free will, then seeks forgiveness for his choices and prays for reconciliation with the original Oneness.

Cast off incumbrances

Cast off all incumbrances

For the ladder to the Tao

is made of glass

Betrayed by Death

Are we betrayed by Death

or saved some future agony

of lovers lost or fortunes tossed

upon a raging sea


Out of compassion for the homeless

I destroy a forest

Out of compassion for a forest

I annihilate a beetle

Out of compassion for the hungry

I slaughter a lamb

Out of compassion for a lamb

I kill a wolf

My heart is filled with compassion

Yet I am feared by all

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