You will always have less trouble with a snake in a towsack than a man in a robe

Dark Wing

A thin iridescent line of light marked the horizon as the dawn of this new day approached. In moments the line diffused into an red-orange crescent as the sun began pushing the light ahead of its celestial path. The jungle began to come alive with a cacophony of animal screams and whistles like an orchestra of mad men, each instrument oblivious to the others. Celebrating their survival of the night the jungle denizens danced merrily in the tree tops or soared above the canopy of trees in the morning air. The predators of the night slunk back to their lairs. Their time had passed and now, their advantage gone with the light, they must rest in preparation for their own time at the end of this day. And so it was as it had been deigned by a far greater force.One predator remained ,however, foregoing his rest and silently observing the rituals of the new day. His amber eyes squinting from the unfamiliar glare of sunlight as he sat motionless so as not to influence even one random act. He watched and he learned and when he had digested his new-found knowledge he retreated back to his cave to sleep and dream new dreams.

He was one of a small lineage of beasts who were breaking the chains of DNA and broadening their knowledge base, refusing to be bound by centuries of snail paced adaptations. By stretching their instinctive patterns they had grown stronger and their surge ahead of others in their species had produced novel physical changes. Generations of climbing and leaping from tree to tree had triggered genetic changes that now broke the bonds of gravity and imbued them with a primitive wing structure.

They had one more advantage: their DNA was compatible with any other land creature. Capable of interbreeding with other species, they were moving genetically at lightning speed and morphing into perfect creatures. They were His favorites; intrinsically patient and curious they watched silently and noted all. Unselfish and regal in their God-like bearing He found comfort in their keen appreciation of order.

It was good that they had developed this strength and patience and ferocity for it was time to bring them more into the center of His plan. They would be the guardians of Order and would protect this world against the destructive forces of imbalance. Only they truly understood the purpose of His creation.

Humans had originally been preordained with the responsibility of stewardship but had succumbed to egocentrism and were now engaged in a destructive onslaught against the Natural Order He had created. They had long ago lost their special place and now had to be brought under the rule of a nobler beast. It was almost time.

The tall shadowy figures moved silently almost to the edge of the jungle and assembled in a line that stretched for miles. Their thick, black torsos expanded and contracted rhythmically as their breathing and heartbeat synchronized with their leader. All was stillness inside each beast except for the awareness of their unity and no sound escaped this savage line save for the boiling hiss of each breath. Although miles of jungle separated many of them from their leader they saw him in their mind as he stepped into the clearing. Standing erect his magnificent body towered nine feet above the ground. His wings spanned over twelve feet in flight but, until now, had only been used for soaring above the jungle canopy.

His body and mind was perfection. Powerful legs allowed him to spring high into the air, unfold his wings, and soar for great distances. The digits and talons on his feet were long, enabling him to grasp objects of prey or provide him with sure footing on the ground or in the trees. Similarly his upper torso and arms were powerfully sculptured and the retractable, cat-like talons of his long fingers and thumbs were razor sharp.

They were of one mind and their individual strength flowed from their combined life force. Their instincts were not diluted by individualism or ego nor was the fear of death within their nature. Their motivation was the re-establishment of the Natural Order and the destruction of those forces opposing it.


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