You will always have less trouble with a snake in a towsack than a man in a robe

They were the Holy Men, the Enlightened Ones. They held the keys to our salvation. Their visions came through God’s eyes and their words from His mouth. They lived in the temples and the mosques and they guarded the Holy relics. They were ordained by God to show us the True Path. Without the Holy Men we were lost and could not find the way to our Father’s House.

Thus the greatest charade of history evolved. This hoax was visited upon countless generations by men no more spiritually enlightened than those they sought to lead. If God had appointed all of them to speak for Him their messages would have been the same. The different paths that were offered by the priests and imams ended at the door to their particular temple. .

The result has been thousands of years of victimization of billions of people in the form of coercion, enslavement, torture, sadism, rape, and death at the hands of these holy impostors or their agents. All this in the name of God or Allah or Yahweh. Powerful political institutions were formed on the backs of these religious systems. Thousands of wars, great and small, were waged on behalf of one holy sect against another, each claiming spiritual superiority.

These houses of man are not, nor were they ever, the House of God. The holy men are merely men. Leave these terrible places and come out into the Garden where you will meet your Creator. Turn your back on their messages of hate and condemnation and hear the true word of God in the sights and sounds all around you.

Reject the religious middle man with his promises of eternal life and forgiveness. He has no power to negotiate either on your behalf. Accept the reality that only you can hear God’s voice and know your place in his creation.

Go away from the artificial world developed by man and find your true nature. Stay there for as long as you can and return often for it is only there that you will find a true sense of belonging and real meaning in your life and your death.

When you return to man’s world understand it for what it is, a wall between you and your Father’s House


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