You will always have less trouble with a snake in a towsack than a man in a robe

Goodbye to Dr Dodds

Alice seemed like a nice chick. She chattered a bit too much for my liking but most people did. I figured the noise was just her way of dealing with life down the rabbit Hole. Now me, well, I was used to the Hole. I wouldn’t live anywhere else. The Other world, you know, the one up Top, was way too noisy and full of busy-work and people and their stupid lives, and expectations. And bright! Way too bright! Not down here in the Hole though. Not ever! Down here you didn’t have to see nothin you didn’t want to or hear nothin either.

Not until Alice fell down the damned Hole. Yammering and stammering about this and that. As if it really mattered down here..humph! What did she know anyway? She was nice enough alright, but noisy. Always trying to get me to do stuff or say stuff, and all those damned questions about why I liked the Hole so much! Man! Even when she wasn’t chattering in my ear I could hear her inside my head. No peace down here no more so I burrowed in deeper. Dug me a few more tunnels but there she was, at every turn, chattering away. I was about wore out diggin.Life was gettin hard down the Hole! All because of Alice. Didn’t she ever sleep? Always picking up this and sweeping that and asking those damned stupid questions.

She was a nice girl alright but I had to leave her.

The Hole just wasn’t what it used to be.


Comments on: "Goodbye to Dr Dodds" (1)

  1. Was it the noise or the light that caused said flight?

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