You will always have less trouble with a snake in a towsack than a man in a robe

My Friend

When I first laid eyes on you

You pierced my soul, you ran it through

Your softness was a window then

To worlds I could not comprehend

As time went by our friendship grew

we laughed and talked and shared our views

Those heartfelt words that flowed so free

From unencumbered honesty

But as our souls grew more entwined

We hid our hearts and hid our minds

The hollowness that fear imparts

soon engulfed our lonely hearts

Then shadows from our former lives

Leapt up and warned us of those lies

That lovers told us in the past

All’s not well and This won’t last

And as our demons waged their wars

We each were left with many scars

Wounds will heal but not the pain

of love betrayed once again

We battled on in senseless rage

against those bonds that we’d engaged

It seemed for sure we’d break apart

But something stronger held our hearts

The battlefield our love became

was littered now with the remains

of hopes and dreams that we’d both dared

and promises that we had shared

When it seemed forever lost

And we had paid the cruelest cost

The raging tempest finally died

And you were standing by my side

My Friend


Comments on: "My Friend" (1)

  1. laurenmlove said:

    aw i really like this one a lot.

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