You will always have less trouble with a snake in a towsack than a man in a robe

Resign all contrived affiliations

(Discovering your true nature)

Contrived affiliations are those which are not based in natural processes. Religious, social, racial, political, business, school, and community are just the tip of the iceberg. Pretty much any thought that begins with “I am a” will yield an affiliation, and one or more “I am not” counter-affiliations.

Natural affiliations are those to which all elements of the natural world belong. Natural affiliations involve an awareness of belonging on a cosmic level and incorporates an understanding of our physical and metaphysical nature.

Affiliations all come with a price. There are dues to be paid in one form or another. Choosing one affiliation often means foregoing others. Imbedded in all contrived affiliations are assumptions, beliefs, traditions, rules, rewards and punishments, and the emotions associated with membership in that affiliation.The formation of affiliations begins at birth with the natural infant-adult bond necessary for survival. This affiliation dissipates as the individual learns to survive independently.

The family affiliation should be transitory. It is used as a training ground to introduce other associated affiliations such as religious, racial, political, etc (I am a white, Lutheran, Irish-American, republican member of the Jones clan). Leaving the family at adulthood often leads to discarding some family indoctrinated affiliations.

Once the individual is old enough to begin formal schooling even more affiliations are taught through educational and social processes .

By the time adulthood has been reached the individual is layered with affiliations to the degree that no individual can be seen or felt! The affiliations acquired serve as programs which automatically select and deselect certain thoughts, behaviors, and emotions and even future affiliations such as marital partners and employment. This matrix of affiliations even determines what we wear, who we associate with, and what part of town we live in. Even more tragically, our affiliations may lead to prejudice and violence toward others and a disregard for the sanctity of life and nature.

We become puppets with our affiliations pulling the strings.

Sometimes one affiliation will reverse into its counter-affiliation ( I was catholic but now I am a protestant). These reversals create apparent change, however one contrived affiliation is as repressive and demanding as its opposite. Often the process of reversing or giving up an affiliation causes feelings of guilt.

The threat of being evicted from an affiliation is a powerful force modifying our behavior and enforcing conformist attitudes.

Severing the bonds


The struggle to discover our true nature is rooted in an awareness that we must be more than a compilation of artificially selected adjectives. We sense a dimension not yet discovered. In order to unlock that door and pass through we must sever the affiliations which forbid us that journey. This is a frightening concept fraught with potential emotional pain and spiritual angst. The wagging fingers admonish us to hold fast or suffer consequences ranging form social ostracization to eternal damnation.


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