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Welcome back to Eden



Ten years ago I would have been too filled with spiritual angst to have even written the title to this work much less the Articles of Lost Faith. Indoctrination does that to a person and the fear of losing something ethereal called a “soul”. It is not enough to have to worry about surviving on this hostile planet, we are told to also worry about following some God/man “rules” in the process so it doesn’t get worse for us when we finally lose this temporal battle.

The following Articles of Lost Faith will appear to some as merely an atheistic rant, or even worse, a call to anarchy. Please. If that is what you glean from these thoughts then continue plodding along the well manicured path of religiosity to your grave. If, however, you gain a glimpse into Eden, welcome to another world. This world is not burdened with epic wars between Gods nor does it contain any pits of Hell you might be tossed into. It is a world devoid of the hysterical rants and rules of fervent religious gurus where churches have become governments and governments have become churches. It is the Eden from which man was never evicted. It is the essence of everything natural being constantly encroached upon by the ghetto of world civilization.

Articles of Lost Faith

Article I: God created a perfect place upon the earth where the lamb could lie down with the lion and humans were created in the image of the creator, thus setting them above all else. Man broke God’s trust and the perfect harmony of the garden was fractured forever. Man’s relationship with his creator and with all of nature has remained contentious as a result of original sin.

Truth: The world is as it always has been. Lions have always lain with lambs at every possible opportunity, usually for dinner. It is a world in which life is sustained by consumption. Competition between plants for fertile soil has always existed. Carnivores, omnivores, and herbivores roam the land and swim the seas in search of their next meal. It is the Natural Order of things. It is beautiful and filled with both promise and peril. The processes (rules) of life and death are at once simple and complex and certain.

The author of Genesis would have us believe that God created the elements of existence with the capacity to compete with and consume one another yet held them at bay until Adam and Eve fell from grace. Perhaps the fruit eaten was the first act of consumption which triggered a voracious frenzy of sexual congress and mutual destruction that has continued to plague the planet to this day?

The major problem with the Genesis story is that it metaphorically forms the foundation of mankind’s separation from Nature. When man supposedly left the spiritually symbiotic nest that was Eden he left behind his roots and his ability to commune personally with all that is natural, including his God. This new man created an alternate reality in which the needs of his species took precedence over all else. As the story goes one would be lead to believe that getting removed as caretakers of Eden was really a promotion of sorts. The servants became the Masters.

The Genesis story is nothing more than the fabrication of an emerging social order which created this story to give historical perspective to the pitfalls of disobedience. To give credence to this socio-religious order God’s laws were assumed to have been divinely communicated to a special priest class that could then pass them on to the masses. It was a bullet-proof system in that challenging the word of the holy men was tantamount to sticking your finger in God’s eye. Noone would stand behind you against God, and socio-religious rebellion was practically unheard of until someone wandered into a neighboring tribe where they were worshiping a different God. The one exception to this rule was the emergence of the “prophets of God” who had a one-on-one experience with the Almighty and would often rail against the current social and religious order on God’s behalf. These prophets were unwelcome by the religious hierarchy and the government rulers in that they called for some type of change in the established order. They were usually stoned for their efforts.

Were it not for thousands of years of repeating the Genesis story or some variation and the evolution of behemoth religious organizations imbedded in even larger social systems one might easily toss this almost humourous fabrication away immediately. Unfortunately this story and all of its implications has woven its way into the fabric of society. We must believe it, or at least follow its precepts (rules) or risk perishing in a world of anarchy. Rules are Divinely Inspired and inherently Good. All rules.

So Genesis has cost us our natural identity, our spiritual connection with the real, beautiful world we were born into, our individual relationship with God and replaced it with the yoke of social order and the fear of eternal damnation and shame for our animal nature.

Article II: God chooses sides in our human conflicts. There is a Chosen Race, a Divinely Blessed Path to Salvation which God has communicated through his prophets over time.

Truth: We are all chosen. All of Nature is blessed. God has set no man apart from the others to send us his message. He doesn’t have to because it is written upon the very world we were born into. The Order of God or Nature is everywhere to be seen. Examples to live by are everywhere in the natural realm.

It seems that there is some confusion regarding God’s message, indeed his identity, thus some of the spiritual guides must have been leading us astray. But who is right? The Judeo-Christian God’s messengers? It appears He is the same as the Muslim God but the messengers are at war. These divinely inspired religious prophets have been hacking one another to pieces for centuries and leading millions of their followers into the bloody crucible of Spiritual Enlightenment.

There is absolutely no parallel in the natural world to the hideous, destructive actions of man in his alleged pursuit of God’s approval. For thousands of years, and urged on by the prophets of Allah and Yahweh, man has raped, plundered, murdered, pillaged and burned his way across continents. He has drenched the earth with the blood of his adversaries and those of his God. He has built earthly kingdoms and enthroned his God over them and the more “civilized and religious” he has become the more blood man has shed and the more treasures of the Earth he has destroyed. Enabled by technology he has now reached into the very heavens where his Gods reside. The wars will continue across the Galaxies and across the millenniums as long as Man remains separated from his true nature and his true, individual God.

It is time to call it off. Throw off the yoke of social and religious oppression. Fire the prophets. Burn the sacred texts and reduce the temples to ruin. Lay siege to the castles that house the governments and turn your backs on all that has come before you. Find solace in each day, not in the promises of fools who are repeating the promises of fools before them.

If a man says to you “I hear the voice of God” congratulate him but do not listen to his message. If a thousand men say “We have seen the face of God” celebrate with them but do not accept the image they present to you.

Article III: God rejoices in the slaughter of the infidels.

Truth: God does not chose sides therefore there are no infidels.

There is a saying that a wise man attends to behavior while a fool is lead by words. Once again let me restate that all religious orders have, as their primary purpose, survival through domination. It is one of the primary processes found in nature and replicated in every system, both natural and man made. Hence the concept of the infidel and God’s blessing on his demise. Although competition between social groups is part of the natural order the association with Divine purpose is a fabrication in an attempt to harness man’s spirituality to the current social/religious mission. “God is on our side” is a common propaganda theme repeated through the violent history of society (see Article II above).

Article IV: Faith is a cornerstone to salvation.

Truth: Faith is a man-made concept designed to quell intellectual examination of religious fairy tales.

Faith is an artificial construct unknown in nature. Plants and animals operate on natural instincts which let them know when it is time to gather food, expel their seed, or move on to higher ground. Faith is the numbing of man’s natural instincts and intellect. We are supposed to set aside reason and experience in order to believe fantastic stories and accept the suppression of our natural being.

Article V: Man should be ashamed of the nakedness in which God formed him.

Truth: Covering our bodies may be functional but certainly not Divinely directed.

In the story of Genesis, Adam and Eve discovered their nakedness after eating the forbidden fruit and were ashamed of it, thus the fig leaf. This idea that we should be ashamed of our natural state and hide it from one another, ourselves, and even our creator is the root cause of our spiritual and physical alienation from the rest of the natural world. The core belief behind this alienation is that what God has created we should be ashamed of. Indeed at some level God is supposed to expect us to show modesty in the manner in which we present our true natural selves to one another.

Over time this religiously engineered wall between man and his natural self grew higher and took on many forms until the splendors of Eden were hidden from sight

[Thought ]: Incest is a by-product of isolation. Inbreeding in nature occurs when the hormonal urge to procreate is combined with a small selection of mates. Incest in humans occurs in family systems that exist in some form of social isolation. The victim of incest, feeling shame and some responsibility, hides their sexuality and their deviantly-formed sexual identity. This often results in the victim becoming a perpetrator later in life, or in the same family system.

[Thought]: The pillars of religious social order are built upon:

Artificial constructs:


Original sin

Afterlife of either Eternal damnation or salvation

Conflict between God and man


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