You will always have less trouble with a snake in a towsack than a man in a robe

Advice from the Banyan Tree

In a lifetime of seeking answers I finally realized that everything I need to know can be found in Nature.  I believe observation is the way the Creator intended for us to learn. Any “wisdom” that has been passed on to me in this setting is certainly not my own but a gift of understanding, a window opening into the Great Mystery.  The value of the thoughts expressed here are determined solely by each person who reads them.

e. d. Rowe

Suspend judgement of others. Anger may be Fear and  Hunger may be Thirst.

Feed your enemy. Satiation leads to contentment which leads to complacency.

A caged tiger seeks only reassurance.

Only the burning sun can cast a cooling shadow.

Retreat in the face of wrath.  Advance on uncertainty.

Discipline is far more valuable than gold.

Seek your advice from the Banyan Tree.  It will never mislead you.

Do not spend more to redress a grievance than you have already lost.

The pursuit of greatness will diminish you.  The pursuit of emptiness will fulfill you.

The island which joyously saved you from the sea may become your hated prison.

Truth is like a poison if delivered on the tip of an arrow.

One who takes with force is both feared and admired but acknowledges no debts.  One who must borrow to survive is loathed by everyone who knows him.

Solitude provides endless possibilities.  Intimacy locks many doors.

One step behind your enemy is better than ten steps ahead.


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