You will always have less trouble with a snake in a towsack than a man in a robe

Age of Time

And as to the “age” of the universe I say to you that you share this experience concurrently..  It can be no other.  “It” and all its wonders exist in the bowl of your own private consciousness.  It need only exist as long as your consciousness holds it for there is no “collective consciousness” to relay it from one to another.  If there were we would have no need for oral and written history.  “But”, you ask, “what of the births and deaths of those who precede me or will certainly succeed my presence”?  “What of their consciousness”?  Again I say that all is held within the crucible of your own personal consciousness.  You and all your perceptions are immortal and “creation” began at your first awareness and will pass at your last.  In your consciousness abides all that might be and has ever been for it has lived within you for all eternity.


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