You will always have less trouble with a snake in a towsack than a man in a robe

Before the Beginning

In the beginning…….
That was the first clue…”The Beginning
“Since the Beginning” is everything that followed.
The “Beginning” marks the advent of Time
Time” is necessary to understand the relationship between what is now and what preceded it.
Not just preceded it but gave birth to it
What is “it”?
That which split off from that which was “before time”.

Imagine experience not walled in by time.
Imagine that which just “is”
There you have it!.
Before the Beginning

Without “Space” there is no need for “Time”
Material expansiveness creates Time
Time exists at the advent of the First Dimension
Before the Beginning there was no dimensionality.
Before the Beginning there was “One”
Mathematics is only relevant since the Beginning.
Language and Thought developed to explain dimensionality and “time experienced”.
Concepts such as Life and Death evolved Since the Beginning
“After Life” as a concept is a continuum of “Time Consciousness”.
“Heaven” is a material space located within the life-afterlife continuum.
Spiritualism tied to Time Consciousness is a form of Materialism.
To discover the “One” requires abandoning all forms of Materialism
Individuality is materialism
Intimacy is the process back towards the One..
True Spirituality is Regressive
Civilization and its elements are Progressive, moving Away from the One.
Religion is progressive and material, addressing itself Since the Beginning
The afterlife is conceptualized as infinite separation from the One
Since the Beginning intimate existence with the One is conceptually impossible


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