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Finding God in the Dreamworld

Finding God in the Dreamworld

Night comes, and with it, dreams. Bleak scenarios sometimes play across my sleeping mind. Where is my God these nights as I lie here, a helpless victim of my darkest self? What sinister loom weaves this tapestry of madness?

Pray for light. Pray for that awakening which brings back the dawn. Does God only exist in my conscious mind? Must I conjure up this Great Spirit anew each morning? Do I create the Creator?

Which is madness, the night or the day? The threshold between dark and light is the birthing ground for doubt as this shadow of confusion stretches from one to the other.

The waking world is filled with the wonders of Creation and my soul is renewed. Prayers begin and end the day. I will myself a closer seat to the Divine Spirits who inhabit my conscious world. All is within my grasp… until…my eyes close like curtains on this grand stage and darkness smothers my prayers.


Gently Falls the Coming Night

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