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Honoring Creation

Honoring Creation

How do I honor Thee except in admiration? I wish to be joined inextricably with my brothers and sisters of the two legged, four legged, and winged ones and those that swim, as well as the plants and trees and the firmament and the air which sustains them. In all I wish to be part of the Creator and the Spirits which inhabit this world and others.

I seek so much outside of myself and I must release my selfish interests in order to obtain these relationships. My inner world is made up of all that I have accumulated, including memories, current desires, and hopes for the future. Captured within its environment are parts of the Souls of those who I have encountered in life, those who I have helped and those who I have injured. It is littered with the thousands of corpses lost to my appetites. Many have gone without prayers for their sacrifice.

My debt is insurmountable; with what currency can it be repaid?

Some say personal sacrifice
Some say servitude
Some say solitude and reflection
Some say by living a merry life
Others say in sackcloth
Through teaching others
Through silence

Which do I choose?


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