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Lessons Learned on My Way To The Crematorium

There are no heroes, only heroic acts and just as generosity often awaits gratitude, kindness expects nothing in return

To dwell upon the past or the future is to lose the moment so choose your sentiments wisely for they come with a dear price.

Do not look for inspiration in the scratchings of man upon parchment; look instead to the wonders of the Creator’s hand for the entire collection of literary works cannot hold itself against a sunset or the song of a single bird.

It will be in that dawn of his annihilation that man will realize he was not created in the image of God nor was he ever the master of this world. His hubris lying crumpled at his feet, he will stand naked again as he once had in Eden.

Why does God seem oblivious to pain, suffering and death? These manifestations of life do not touch our spiritual consciousness or the greater spiritual consciousness of which we are a part; they are bound to the body and mind only. This reality speaks against a theory of “eternal damnation of pain and suffering” but places before us the responsibility for the welfare of life around us. Frailty of life enhances its beauty and its value and teaches us to tread lightly. Do not the delicate petals of a flower or the wings of a butterfly inspire gentleness?

I believe that there are “primary spiritual Beings” who live amongst us and are moving towards one another. Once collected together something astonishing will happen. I just don’t know what nor who these Beings are at this point.

A prayer from the heart is a symphony while the monotony of a rehearsed supplication puts the soul to sleep.

God’s mistake

Having eaten the forbidden fruit from the Tree of Knowledge and lying to God, Adam and Eve were evicted from Paradise. The Creator discovers the nature of his final project; humans are curious and must be removed before this trait leads them to the Tree of Life and immortality. What parent hasn’t faced this dilemma? Their “perfect” child breaks a rule and chooses deceit over honesty to cover their act. The disappointment and alarm we feel as we project this rebellion into their future and imagine a life of dishonesty and lawlessness! Oh but isn’t that the path we all have tread? Isn’t every individual’s history brimming over with such behaviors?

Do you know how difficult it is to stay present “in the moment” rather than grinding our teeth over past events or worrying about the future? Yet it is these “moments” which make up the tapestry of our lives and the shadow boxes in which we store our most cherished memories. Have a nice “moment”!

You cannot force someone to accept your lifestyle anymore than you can force them to accept your religious views…acceptance lies solely in the heart of the observer.

Individual differences are the oregano, cumin, and paprika of daily living. If we were all too similar we would be a sorry lot with little to talk about and much to agree on.

It is a small stone, reddish in color and smooth, and about the size of a silver dollar only thicker. I carry it in a half-moon shaped leather pouch around my neck; most people don’t even know it is there. It has been with me for years and has become an old friend. We each have our own personal time arc, mine much shorter. We provide unique experiences to one other; I provide mobility and variety not normally found in a stone’s existence and the stone teaches me awareness through silence and peace through stillness. It reminds me that God’s Spirit and Wisdom is embodied in all things. As a human I am only as special as my relationship to the rest of Creation.

“In order to elevate ourselves we imagine a God limited by the worst elements of human character: jealousy, wrath, murder, revenge. We live in a world of cycles yet we somehow expect a seamless eternity to stretch beyond our own death. To find our God we look in the mirror yet the Creator’s face is in every tree, animal, stone and cloud. Take heart in the knowledge that God is so much more than we could ever imagine.”


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