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Ah, Mortality

Ah mortality!  I peer at you now through  eyes dimmed by time.  You have chased me across the landscape that was my life and, even as others fell to your reaper’s scythe, I denied you until the end….near the end.  But you would have your victory whilst this feeble mind could still comprehend it.  Well played…well played!

 But what joy is there in your pursuit of an old man whose bones grind one against the other?  What satisfaction do you glean from your macabre vocation?  You go on around me!  Do you hear?  Take another..a friend or kin or better yet a stranger who would not bother me with their funeral rites and weepy farewells.

Here…let me sit for a moment as you pass.  Your dark visage has obscured the light.  You rob me of the final rays that would warm me?  What roguish manners sir!  You shall be reported!  Do I not deserve the respect due one who has come this far…only begging the most meager of comforts?

Stand off!  I must sit in peace and contemplate.  Surely there is some recourse at hand..Through all these trials  endured  there was always recourse!  No no sit there…away from me.  Your chilled indifference numbs my mind and lulls me into a sleep I do not welcome.  I must think…I must reason…surely… 


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