You will always have less trouble with a snake in a towsack than a man in a robe

Religion and Society

Every facet of modern religious belief has its roots in man’s social history.  As society evolved religions changed to accompany it.  Even death involves tribunal and the separation of the “wheat from the chaff”.  The afterlife is a great city with paved streets and mansions.  Our religions cannot escape the limitations of our social experiences which are, in turn, limited by our lack of true natural spiritual experiences.  What else could be expected from a learning environment of windowless sanctuaries isolating us from the rest of creation?  Religion, like society as a whole, has become an island prison where the soul is fed the bread and water of man’s meager understanding of God’s true intentions.  This bland potion is diluted even further by a need to serve the social order which supports it.  The expectations of society eventually become the doctrines of the church and the Glory of God has been replaced by the glory of society. Where once we were worried about being popular with God we now concern ourselves with God remaining popular with others!


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  1. Harry T. Hall said:

    Well said! Spot on…….

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