You will always have less trouble with a snake in a towsack than a man in a robe


Short version would read something like:  born to a mixed blood Cherokee mother and raised by a foster family. I am now over six decades old, married for last 28 years to my sweetheart, four sons, three grandsons and one granddaughter. Married twice before to two lovely women who tried mightily to understand my demons. Grew up on the Texas/Oklahoma border in the fifties and sixties and left for six years (68-74) to join the Marines .  When I got out I came back to God’s Country and still live here.  These are my people, salt of the earth country folks…no matter their color, politics, or other personal decisions that are none of my business.

These are my personal writings so please treat them as such…enjoy them but leave them here. I sometimes write under the moniker of “e.d. rowe” which would have been my name had things worked out differently in the lives of my two parents.


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