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Ah, Mortality

Ah mortality!  I peer at you now through  eyes dimmed by time.  You have chased me across the landscape that was my life and, even as others fell to your reaper’s scythe, I denied you until the end….near the end.  But you would have your victory whilst this feeble mind could still comprehend it.  Well played…well played!

 But what joy is there in your pursuit of an old man whose bones grind one against the other?  What satisfaction do you glean from your macabre vocation?  You go on around me!  Do you hear?  Take another..a friend or kin or better yet a stranger who would not bother me with their funeral rites and weepy farewells.

Here…let me sit for a moment as you pass.  Your dark visage has obscured the light.  You rob me of the final rays that would warm me?  What roguish manners sir!  You shall be reported!  Do I not deserve the respect due one who has come this far…only begging the most meager of comforts?

Stand off!  I must sit in peace and contemplate.  Surely there is some recourse at hand..Through all these trials  endured  there was always recourse!  No no sit there…away from me.  Your chilled indifference numbs my mind and lulls me into a sleep I do not welcome.  I must think…I must reason…surely… 


Mandi’s Poem

Judy’s Song

In the rollin hills of  Texas
On a cool September morn
In the little town of Elgin
A  baby girl was born

But her Momma couldn’t keep her
And her Daddy walked away
But an Angel down in Texas
Was  watchin her that day

Well the Angels down in Texas
They Got a lot of trails to ride
From the rim of Caprock Canyon
To the Louisiana side
From the sands of old El Paso
To the walls of San Antone
To that little town  of Elgin
And a girl  without a home

Then one day in California
In the hills above LA
That little  girl from Elgin
Found another place to stay

A Mamma who would love her
And a Daddy who would care
And her own Texas Angel
Who  always would be there

Well the Angels down in Texas
They got a lot of trails to ride
From the rim of Caprock Canyon
To the Louisiana side
From the sands of old El Paso
To the walls of San Antone
To the hills of California
That Texas girl calls home

She’s standing on the edge of time

She’s standing on the edge of time

watching life go by

Tomorrows fade to yesterdays

and leaves her wondering why.

She’s always leaving

before she arrives

She’d like to stay

 or so she will say

but she’s afraid to try.


People come and people go

but no one gets inside

to see the child who is hiding there

and no one hears her cry.

She’s so lonely

but no one can see

the tears that fall

behind those walls

she built so carefully.


She’s standing on the edge of time

and only she can know

the emptiness inside her heart

the stillness of her soul.

No rainbows in Heaven

no hope chest of dreams

can lure her near

this love she fears

or so it seems.

My Friend

When I first laid eyes on you

You pierced my soul, you ran it through

Your softness was a window then

To worlds I could not comprehend

As time went by our friendship grew

we laughed and talked and shared our views

Those heartfelt words that flowed so free

From unencumbered honesty

But as our souls grew more entwined

We hid our hearts and hid our minds

The hollowness that fear imparts

soon engulfed our lonely hearts

Then shadows from our former lives

Leapt up and warned us of those lies

That lovers told us in the past

All’s not well and This won’t last

And as our demons waged their wars

We each were left with many scars

Wounds will heal but not the pain

of love betrayed once again

We battled on in senseless rage

against those bonds that we’d engaged

It seemed for sure we’d break apart

But something stronger held our hearts

The battlefield our love became

was littered now with the remains

of hopes and dreams that we’d both dared

and promises that we had shared

When it seemed forever lost

And we had paid the cruelest cost

The raging tempest finally died

And you were standing by my side

My Friend

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