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Islam as the new Puritan movement

Sensuality and social experimentation, along with both political and religious corruption and fanaticism, were hallmarks of the Renaissance era. This was followed by Puritanism which attempted to reimpose morality upon the church and free the people from despotic rule.
For this transition from the lurid grip of sensationalism to the almost suffocating restrictions of puritanism to be accepted by the masses there had to exist a desperation and a commonly felt need for moral and political order.
As I watch the march of Islam across Europe I wonder if I am witnessing the rebirth of a new Puritanism brought about by the same symptoms experienced in the early 17th century. As someone once said, Nature abhors a vacuum!


Religion and Society

Every facet of modern religious belief has its roots in man’s social history.  As society evolved religions changed to accompany it.  Even death involves tribunal and the separation of the “wheat from the chaff”.  The afterlife is a great city with paved streets and mansions.  Our religions cannot escape the limitations of our social experiences which are, in turn, limited by our lack of true natural spiritual experiences.  What else could be expected from a learning environment of windowless sanctuaries isolating us from the rest of creation?  Religion, like society as a whole, has become an island prison where the soul is fed the bread and water of man’s meager understanding of God’s true intentions.  This bland potion is diluted even further by a need to serve the social order which supports it.  The expectations of society eventually become the doctrines of the church and the Glory of God has been replaced by the glory of society. Where once we were worried about being popular with God we now concern ourselves with God remaining popular with others!

Honoring Creation

Honoring Creation

How do I honor Thee except in admiration? I wish to be joined inextricably with my brothers and sisters of the two legged, four legged, and winged ones and those that swim, as well as the plants and trees and the firmament and the air which sustains them. In all I wish to be part of the Creator and the Spirits which inhabit this world and others.

I seek so much outside of myself and I must release my selfish interests in order to obtain these relationships. My inner world is made up of all that I have accumulated, including memories, current desires, and hopes for the future. Captured within its environment are parts of the Souls of those who I have encountered in life, those who I have helped and those who I have injured. It is littered with the thousands of corpses lost to my appetites. Many have gone without prayers for their sacrifice.

My debt is insurmountable; with what currency can it be repaid?

Some say personal sacrifice
Some say servitude
Some say solitude and reflection
Some say by living a merry life
Others say in sackcloth
Through teaching others
Through silence

Which do I choose?

Finding God in the Dreamworld

Finding God in the Dreamworld

Night comes, and with it, dreams. Bleak scenarios sometimes play across my sleeping mind. Where is my God these nights as I lie here, a helpless victim of my darkest self? What sinister loom weaves this tapestry of madness?

Pray for light. Pray for that awakening which brings back the dawn. Does God only exist in my conscious mind? Must I conjure up this Great Spirit anew each morning? Do I create the Creator?

Which is madness, the night or the day? The threshold between dark and light is the birthing ground for doubt as this shadow of confusion stretches from one to the other.

The waking world is filled with the wonders of Creation and my soul is renewed. Prayers begin and end the day. I will myself a closer seat to the Divine Spirits who inhabit my conscious world. All is within my grasp… until…my eyes close like curtains on this grand stage and darkness smothers my prayers.

Finding God Through A Stained Glass Window

You can’t see God through a stained glass window

I have often wondered why the worship of the Creator of the Universe so often takes place in rooms sealed off from all that was created. The sanctuaries seem to be monuments to man’s architecture not God’s. Windows, if they are designed in, are translucent art forms which distort more than they reveal.

Where is the majesty by which we will be inspired? Is it in the holy man’s words, the trappings of the altar, the leather-bound instruction booklet? Perhaps we should look to the icons scattered about or the richly polished woodwork.

Nay, give me instead a grassy meadow or rolling surf, a sunset or star filled sky, the flight of a bird across the Heavens. There will I find my God. There will I find my answers!

Two Wings, One Bird

     It always pains me to listen to religious or political rantings coming from either side. If the common person ever realizes that the Left Wing and the Right Wing, be it religious or political, are both part of the same bird set into the Heavens by our Creator, they might discover the terrible trick that has been played on them their whole lives.     The tragic outcome of such imaginary divisions is the lack of unity that the people need to speak in one voice, from one heart against the petty tyrants who feed on the very bias they have instilled in our hearts and minds.

     As long as these charlatans can keep us battling each other they need not worry about being unseated themselves. Indeed, the hatred and prejudice they have cultivated in us is their job security.


Man imagines into reality a world of disunion and free will, then seeks forgiveness for his choices and prays for reconciliation with the original Oneness.

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